Bangkok,  workshop

Design your own postcards – Tuesday 29th September

Realize two customized postcards from your own photographs, ready to send to your friends or family, or just to keep as a souvenir of Thailand.

Duration : 3 hours.

Requirements : No prior experience with Photoshop or in post-editing process.

How it works :
Come with your own selection of photographs on an USB flash drive. You can either bring your own laptop with a version of Photoshop pre-loaded, or use one of our computers. A large choice of templates will be provided  to ensure that you will find the one which fits the best your photographs. Thanks to an introduction to Photoshop you will be able to achieve whithin three hours two postcards as displayed below :

We will print for you 4 postcards  (5×7 inches) per model (2 customized postcards per session).

Your works will be available at the gallery after a one week lead time.


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